In case you need some pointers, here they are

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Women have always found me a cuddly, big brother type (as opposed to the I want to rip your clothes off and have sex with you all night type) confiding their breakup stories, both on the giving and receiving end. The advice I am passing on is from their and my own experiences.

The Don’ts

Don’t text the person. It is a cowardly way out.

Don’t call the person and leave a message. About the same as texting.

Don’t unfriend them on Facebook and change your relationship status to available before telling them you want out.

Don’t send them a…

Because sometimes I just wanted a glass of water

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My name is Mary, no not THAT Mary everybody associates with Jesus. I am younger than Mary Magdalene by several years. She never dated Jesus although she has had a big crush on him since the first day they met.

I started dating Jesus when he turned 29, just before he gave up his carpentry work for his current job. For the past 2 years, he is assisted by 12 people he calls His “disciples” and others who believe he is the Son of God.

To me, he was just a…

Fair or not it’s you defined in one photo

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Write what you know, no don’t, write what you don’t know. Be informative, share your knowledge, no-click bait though. Long content or short read? Paragraph or bullet notation? Trying to decide on what, how and the format kept me from even trying to write an actual story, so I just kept commenting at times on some of the many wonderful stories I have read on Medium. Plus the fear of -what if they hate what I write? The voices in my head would be right again! I hate it when that happens!

So, what the hell. here we go. If…

Mark McKimmy

Ph.D. in Procrastination, Masters in Mediocrity, Bachelors in Banality, Wannabe writer & human. Not an expert about anything. I write whatever comes to mind.

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