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My First Story on Medium…what do I write?

Mark McKimmy
2 min readOct 27, 2018


Write what you know, no don’t, write what you don’t know. Be informative, share your knowledge, no-click bait though. Long content or short read? Paragraph or bullet notation? Trying to decide on what, how and the format kept me from even trying to write an actual story, so I just kept commenting at times on some of the many wonderful stories I have read on Medium. Plus the fear of -what if they hate what I write? The voices in my head would be right again! I hate it when that happens!

So, what the hell. here we go. If I were to write what I actually know this would the shortest story on Medium.

I know the following; I have been and always will be a Denver Bronco and Colorado Rockies fan.

I know I was blessed to have parents that loved all three of us boys equally.

I know I wasted my God-given talents, whatever they were.

I know my belief in and what I think God is has changed several times over my 62 years.

I know I am bored by porn. Every time I watch it, boring.

I know I am being scammed on a dating site when the woman tells me by the third or fourth conversation I am the most handsome man they have ever seen and want to marry me right away. Money needed for a plane ticket from Ghana or Russia always seems to be a common factor too.

I know my brother and fiancee showed an inner strength and faith to battle leukemia. Even though they lost the battle, their spirits were never broken.

Now what I believe and think are different than what I know. What I believe isn’t as certain as what I know and what I think is based more on what I want. For example, I believe I will work myself out of my financial situation, at least I think I will.

I believe I am good in bed. I hate to think my escort is lying to me and it is just the money talking. If I find out that's true, I am switching escort services!

I believe someday I will see my parents, brother, and fiancee again if I make it to Heaven. If I don’t make it I think Hell will really suck.

I believe we create our own personal Heaven or Hell while we are alive. I think if that is true I know I’m screwed if I die today.

I believe I have written enough for this story. I think you will agree.



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